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Worship with Holy Communion, January 31, 2021, Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Rev. Seth Novak
Rev. Seth Novak
Sunday, January 31, 2021
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1.31.21 Epiphany 4 Texts: 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28

Serving in Worship:

        Presiding Minister Pastor Seth Novak
        Minister of Music: Shari Shull, Deacon
        Minister of Programs: Sister Ann Shultz, Deaconess
        Assisting Minister: Ashley Ortenzo
        Church Musician: Susan Luebeck
        Lector: Daryl Daugs
        Cantors: Diana Edelblute, David Salge

Prelude: “Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now” JS Bach
Gathering Hymn: “We Are All in One in Mission” Text © Hope Publishing Co, arr. © 2006 Augsburg Fortress
Hymn of the Day: “Rise, Shine, You People” Text: Ronald A. Klug, b. 1939, alt. Music: WOJTKIEWIECZ, Dale Wood, 1934-2003 Text and music © 1974 Augsburg Publishing House, admin, Augsburg Fortress
Offertory: “O Christ, the Healer, We Have Come” Horatius Bonar
Communion Hymn: “By Your Hand You Feed Your People” Text: Susan R Briehl, b. 1952 © 2002 GIA Publications, Inc, Music: Marty Haugen, b. 1950 © 2002 GIA Publications, Inc,
Postlude: “Thine the Amen, Thine the Praise”Carl F. Schalk (b. 9/26/1929, d. 1/24/2021) Hymntune: THINE by Carl F. Schalk; copyright 1983 Augsburg Publishing House; Arrangement, Reflections on Hymn Tunes for Holy Communion by Anne Krentz Organ, copyright 1995 Augsburg Fortress.

Image: The preaching of Jesus (detail of a fresco, fifteenth century). Oratory of Visconti Albizzate, Italy, copyright DeAgostini/Superstock. Used by permission.