Sunday Morning Family Book Club

Family Book Club is a monthly gathering of families who share in fellowship, a book, and an activity. Each family gets to take home a copy of the book. The books are childrens’ books and the activities appropriate for all ages.

Family is a big word that can mean lots of things.  No need to have a child in tow to come and join the fun!  All shapes and sizes of families (and people!) are most welcome!   


Exploring Deep Questions for a Deeper Faith

Believing strongly that Christian education does not end with confirmation, the Forum explores relevant, contemporary, even controversial topics, helping us develop and sustain a mature faith which serves us well in an increasingly complex world. Designed to nurture the whole person and enrich the life of the mind, heart, and soul, The Forum typically presents a variety of topics: theology, politics, the arts, world religions, contemporary issues, religious history—all with the intention of providing a vigorous, rich learning environment where the Christian faith is at the center.

We meet in a Hybrid Format. In-person meetings in the parish hall Sundays at 9:45 am may also be attended on the Zoom platform. Recordings can be viewed on our YouTube channel

Zoom Link to Forum