Cross Generational Sunday School
Experiencing Bible Stories in Relationship

Education hour for all ages! A time for adults and children to meet together for some lively songs and a story followed by crafts, games and other activities. Fun for all no matter how small or tall!

Meets in the Sanctuary

A Deeper Dive into Claiming Your Faith

Specifically aimed at our middle and high school-aged folks, confirmation classes are a chance for people to ask the big questions about faith. We'll take a closer look at familiar Bible stories, learn about the Sacraments and the Creeds, and spend time talking about how faith relates to our daily lives.

Meets in the Couch Room

Exploring Deep Questions for a Deeper Faith

Believing strongly that Christian education does not end with confirmation, the Forum explores relevant, contemporary, even controversial topics, helping us develop and sustain a mature faith which serves us well in an increasingly complex world. Designed to nurture the whole person and enrich the life of the mind, heart, and soul, The Forum typically presents a variety of topics: theology, politics, the arts, world religions, contemporary issues, religious history—all with the intention of providing a vigorous, rich learning environment where the Christian faith is at the center.

Meets in the Parish Hall

All Faith Formation activities meet at 9:45am on Sunday Mornings