Rooted in the Word and grounded in prayer, we share our membership in the Beloved Community with all people, affirming that God’s love, justice, and mercy belong to everyone without exception.  Aware of our failure to recognize the structures and systems contributing to racial injustice and inequality and acknowledging our role in maintaining these injustices, we confess and repent of the harm we have done.  We commit to listen to the voices of the oppressed and marginalized, to educate ourselves more fully, to engage in work to end racism, to promote social justice, and to support others who seek to make a difference in the struggle for equality and justice.  This is our lifetime commitment.
Agnus Dei's statement on Racial Justice, approved by the congregation on Nov. 17, 2020.

As White Christians, we have a desire and a responsibility to work for the healing and wholeness of all God’s creation, which includes recognizing the gift of diversity and seeking racial justice and equality. The question is this: what can we do to help this work along?


Links from Pastor Seth's video below:

Reading list and other resources for anti-racism work:

ELCA Advocacy page:

I Renounce Them

Do you remember saying these words? Our fellow Lutherans at Immanuel in Seattle have spoken in renunciation of exactly what those forces are that defy God’s message of love, justice and mercy for everyone without exception. Have a listen.

Segregated By Design

This video will help you understand why we as a nation need to face up to what injustices have been done through housing policies - and then remedy them. Take a look.


Systemic racism is not confined to the Black community, but permeates our society, affecting our indigenous siblings and all people of color. As we confront issues of racism, we recognize the extent to which racism has affected our immigration policies.